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Inkas Armored:
No 1. Bullet proof vehicle in the world

For optimal comfort & security
*Vehicle/doors protection to B6 European Ballistic Standards EN1063

Why celebrities, public officials demand high supply


MOST celebrities, especially politicians and captains

of blue chip companies are ready to empty their bank accounts to buy Inkas Armoured vehicle brands, be it SUV, Jeep and other designs with the sum of N250m.

Since the month of May 2009 till date, the manufacturers of this expensive vehicle manufactured in Canada, regarded No 1.bullet proof car that can resist any bullet whether closely or afar have made fortunes mostly from Nigerian public office holders, who prefer to secure their lives inside the fortress of their state-of-the-art vehicles than look up to God for protection.

Major function of the car
Inkas Armored cars serve as an adequate precaution against rising insecurity in any country where insecurity is rampant because it provides full proof security for lives, property and cash in transit in West African sub-region. This is the reason INKAS Canada, a Canadian firm SAPID HOLDINGS LIMITED recently entered into Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with some highly placed Nigerians to have created a joint venture firm, INKASTRANS LIMITED in Lagos. Other aim is to supply genuine and long lasting quality bulletproof and assorted armored vehicles to the region to mitigate.


Features: Exterior & Interior
Nigeria Standard gathered for maximum safety purposes, the vehicle and all doors protection is made to B6 European Ballistic Standards EN1063 levels of   protection.
This means, all transparent armor protected to B6 European Ballistic Standards EN1063 levels of protection are of these features: Oblique, Roof, Front and Rear of vehicle Protected with B6 European Ballistic Standards EN1063 levels of protection

All pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, firewall, and headers, cargo area, rear wheel arches, rear cargo doors armored with B6 European Ballistic Standards EN1063 levels of protection

Overlap System around each window are used throughout the vehicle to ensure complete protection B6 European Ballistic Standards. Battery protected with to B6 European Ballistic Standards EN1063 levels of protection.

Tires installation
Run-Flats installed in all tires with one spare. Underside of vehicle is protected to B6 European Ballistic Standards EN1063 levels of protection, while rear door remains original with armored swing door directly behind the glass measuring 36 X 18 for full viewing capacity. 

INKAS- a clear leader
INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing takes pride in making quality bullet proof armored cars. In their words: “We manufacture Armored SUV's, Armoured Sedans, Armored CIT Vehicles and Armored Special Purpose Vehicles. We have been servicing a large client base of Executives, Doctors, VIPs, Professional Entertainers, Dignitaries and their family members for over 14 years.”

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