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Worst Child Abuse in UK

British Police sexually assaults Nigerian woman
…Slams husband in cold cells, taken to mental homes

•Their children detained ‘illegally’ since April by police officers led by Sgt. Kadiri
•British journalists angry, writes President Jonathan
•Nigerian High Commission denied consular visits and access
•Couple cries says ‘We want to return to Nigeria with our children’

BY SAMSON SHOAGA/Managing Editor

BY all standards and from all angles, the ordeal of the Musas-Nigerian couple who relocated to London in search of Golden Fleece with their five children several years ago could best be described as ‘tortuous and inhuman’ in the hands of the British police. Not only were their fundamental human rights breached, but Gloria, the wife was allegedly assaulted by one Constable Joab, a trigger-happy British police who invaded their home and shattered the prevailing peace on September 19, 2010. During the illegal ‘raid’,
Gloria was ripped naked and her knickers were torn down by Police Constable Joab, after which she was allegedly sexually assaulted and taken into police cell.

Illegal Arrest of their children

Investigation by Nigeria Standard confirmed that on April 8, 2010, eight police officers led by Sgt Kadiri in a brigandage style forced their way into the Musas’ home and made away with their first five children, kept in a juvenile home, an action regarded by majority of the British press as ‘worst case of child abuse.’ Regrettably, their newest toddler, a baby was taken away at birth by another nine police officers in a hospital (names with held) on June 11, 2010; while their (the Musas) eldest daughter was inappropriately touched by the son of the foster parents and has not been seen or heard since (13 months ago).

British Press position

According to Christopher Booker, a renowned journalist with ‘The Telegraph’-foremost British publication, who had written 12 articles on the ordeals of the Musas, seeing as ‘the Worst of all Child Snatching Cases in the UK’, while Ian Joseph and Sabine Kurjo Mc Neill, other veteran British columnists described the Musas experience as ‘Forced Adoption’. The illegality compelled them to regularly publish this ‘British police scandal.’ Sensing that the couple may die in police cells, fresh articles on the subject were again published on September 24, 2011 by Mc Neill, which attracted global condemnation from British and other foreign nationals in the UK.

British Journalists write Jonathan

To show their displeasure at the non-challant attitude of the Nigerian High Commission in UK to attend to the ordeal of the Nigerians, several British journalists led by Mc Neill wrote Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan on the harrowing and dehumanizing experience of these couple and their children, Nigeria Standard gathered that there has not been a word from Aso Rock till now, which shockingly send wrong signals about the poor welfare’s mindset of the present administration for the citizens globally.

‘The Telegraph’, in a fearless column crafted by Mc Neill states that “In my current understanding, the Musa drama is the worst of all child snatching cases because the worst council was led by Haringey Doncaster and Swansea. And I received court ‘injunctions’ due to my publication on the Musas.

Nigeria Standard exclusively that the untold story of gagging orders and illegality of few British Police was first published by ‘The Independent’, another British tabloid, with a headline: 69 gags refer to celebrities and 264 to children and young adults!

Worst crimes in UK

Further investigation by Nigeria Standard showed that the followings are the worst form of abuse by few officers of British Police: Allegations of sex worker, child trafficker and children from different fathers; Allegation of drugging babies, while the worst cover-ups are: Delay of DNA results, Delay of drug test results. And the worst illegalities are: Interim Care Orders renewal over the phone, Arrest on false allegations, victim intimidation.

The British Police action on the Musas may not be unconnected to their serial ordeal of intimidation, instead of being put before an open Magistrates Court, they are being sent to a mental hospital.

Musas report in Police custody

Nigeria Standard gathered further that the Musas report while in police custody showed the worst witness intimidation, being that their former driver on trump-up charges by British Police was imprisoned for four months; while five or their six children were taken into supportive mothers’ home of Haringey Council. It came as a surprise that a mother (names with held) in Haringey Council allegedly fled to Ireland to keep one of the Musas’ sons. Police argument is that the six children in the Musas custody were falsely adopted, but they have not been able to prove this before any competent court of law.

Another False Allegation and Claim by Haringey Council and Haringey Police

On Monday, September 19, the Musas were arrested for conspiracy to abduct their children, even though they don’t know where their children are staying, and don’t even know, whether they are alive or not. Meanwhile, the High Commission has been denied consular visits and access to the Musas by the British Police.

Their gory tales in police cells

Sources confirmed to Nigeria Standard that “Gloria was ripped naked and her knickers were torn down by Police Constable Joab. As a further draconian action, they were placed in the coldest part of the custody cells, without a blanket. While they were in custody, Haringey Social Services and their other professionals conspired with their police to section the Musas. When they (British Police) discovered they have no evidence on conspiracy for child abduction, they took them to a mental hospital, where they were seen by six teams of psychiatric doctors. Instead of uniting the family and deporting them all, Haringey continue to alienate the Musas from their children. But the Musas stood their ground.”

Musas scream for help, claims they want to return to Nigeria with their children

The couple said “We do not need psychiatric doctors, as no member of our family has had any psychiatric experience and we will not fall for that conspiracy. We are calling for Interpol to investigate the continual false allegations by Haringey and their police in their efforts to criminalize us – without any plan for uniting our family.”

The conspiracy was aptly captured by Booker in his latest article: ‘Couple denied legal help while lawyers make £1m removing their children; they are not eligible for legal aid.’

Stiff bail for the Musas

The Musas were given bail on the basis that they must not contact Maurice Kirk directly or indirectly and must report at Hornsey Police Station on December1, 2011. Until then, they must sign three times a week at Tottenham Police Station. Gloria has been in physical pain ever since she was assaulted by nine police officers a few hours after the delivery of her last child on June 12, 2010. Her situation has worsened tremendously after the latest abuse.

To lovers of justice, the British Police action amounts to cruelty, criminality and injustice. Nigerians in the UK and other parts of the world are asking Jonathan to open the Mutual Treaty Assistance (MTA) in ensuring the release of the Musas and the children so that they may return home further unharmed.