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Latest update on Worst Child Abuse in UK!

British Pilot in Prison for trying to help Nigerian couple
…Regain custody of their children

* How famous Vet. Surgeon/Pilot was gagged by British Police
* His pains, ordeals & regret
* Denies prescribed medication… suffering from unattended gut pain
* Got two open hearings scheduled for November 14, 28
* Charged with couple for ‘conspiracy to abduct the Musa children’
* Nigerian couple interviewed by six psychiatric doctors, locked in a mental hospital
* Civil society angry…plans action

BY TOMIWA SAMUEL/Deputy Editor, Special Investigations


AS exclusively reported in the last edition of Nigeria Standard, the trauma of the Musa family, a Nigerian couple who traveled to United Kingdom, (UK) in search of Golden Fleece with members of their family, only to be hounded, humiliated, assaulted by some British Police officers who sent them to mental homes and eventually left them in the coldest part of the cell. Musa and Gloria, the wife was separated from their six children and now charged with ‘Conspiracy to abduct their own children?’ Our story caught the attention of Maurice J Kirk BVSc, a famous British veterinary surgeon and Pilot known in the Western media as the "flying vet" since he has been visiting his clients in aeroplanes.

His arrest by British Police
BVSc was emotionally affected by the ordeal of the Nigerian couple in the hands of the British Police and the trauma of their six children kept in various homes, Nigeria Standard gathered that this man famous for flying solo from London to Sidney in an historic plane in 2001, with a lot of experience in defending himself against bullying and harassment by police forces, especially South Wales Police in the United
Kingdom offered to act as their lay legal advisor in court, by visiting their solicitors who have been. He’d wanted to move the case from the secrecy of Family Courts into the openness of criminal Magistrates Courts. He succeeded in getting two open hearings scheduled for November 14th and 28th.

Meanwhile, both he and the Musa parents were charged with "conspiracy to abduct the Musa’s children", even though nobody knows where they currently being held, against their will. The eldest daughter has not been seen since August 24, 2010 but the questions on the lips of several Africans are: Does this family has human right to protect? What happens to the violation of their basic fundamental rights by the British Police? Most angry Africans sum up their conjecture by saying: “The British Police needs to justify its actions instead of admitting to their mistakes.”

Nigeria Standard exclusive headline that caught the British Pilot attention
Worst Child Abuse in UK! British Police sexually assaults Nigerian woman …Slams husband in cold cells, taken to mental homes •Their children detained ‘illegally’ since April by police officers led by Sgt. Kadiri •British journalists angry, writes President Jonathan •Nigerian High Commission denied consular visits and access.

Alleged state sponsored kidnapping on the rise in UK
Investigation by Nigeria Standard confirmed that the UK is the only country in which state sponsored kidnapping can take place while parents are "gagged": they are prevented from discussing their plight with supporters or media and will go to prison if they dare breathe a word about it to anyone.

Ordeal of the Musas in hands of Psychiatric doctors

Regrettably, the Musas, instead of being put before a Magistrates Court, were interviewed by a psychiatric team of six, with a view to getting them locked up in a mental hospital where they'll have to report in two months. It took their lawyer six hours to demonstrate that nothing was wrong with them and that they are not guilty of anything.

British Pilot fears being committed to a mental home
Before the Musas were released on administrative bail, BVSc was fearful of being committed to a mental hospital, once again. Reason: In 2009, South Wales Police put him into a psychiatric clinic for three months, hoping to keep him there for life. They paid professionals to write false reports that he is currently trying to prove wrong in Court. Just as in George Orwell's 1984, many residents believe “The UK has turned into a police state when Haringey Police in London and South Wales Police are co-operating not only to keep African children under their control. Worst still, this British Pilot was transferred from Haringey Police to Cardiff Prison on September 23, 2011 without being given a court hearing, or papers with reasons for being imprisoned so far.

Furthermore, he is not being given his prescribed medication and he is suffering from unattended gut pain. He is bed-ridden, too ill to attend court and has not been seen by either doctor or solicitor.

Many who know this British Pilot are aware that all he wanted was justice for the Musas and their children. But Haringey Police has prevented them from communicating with each other for life. And with the denial of his prescribed medication, South Wales Police ensure that his life will be shortened.

Civil Society angry…plans action
As at the time of filing in this report, a lot of civil society groups, human rights association and constitutional lawyers are fine-tuning strategy to commence open demonstration against the British Police for deliberately violating the fundamental human rights of the Musas to life and movement.