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Latest on Child Abuse in UK

Global Condemnation greets arrest of Nigerian couple they allegedly receive death threats

* Britain is now the most corrupt country in the world - Patrick Cullinane
* My true Story- Jean James
* Nigeria’s National Assembly furious-Investigation

BY SAMSON SHOAGA/Managing Editor

SINCE we exclusively revealed in every of our editions in consistent manner the alleged humiliation, torture, and intimidation of a Nigerian couple-the Musas who traveled to United Kingdom in search of Golden fleece and were allegedly hounded into the coldest part of the cell by a section of the British Police, we exclusively gathered that this embattled couple whose six children were

‘forcibly’ taken away from them and handed out to foster parents, the incidence has now generated global condemnation from all and sundry across the globe.

Below are excerpts of reactions across the globe…

In an open letter dated October 27, 2011, addressed to Phillip Inman (The Guardian, UK) and Chris Fogarty (Irish American News), Patrick Cullinane, an Irishman, Legal Adviser, McKenzie Friend, Caseworker for the IBRG and Victim of HM Conspiratorial Partnerships, who felt he was unjustly cheated by the British judiciary applauded Nigeria Standard for exposing the corruption in the British system.

I lost my home & possession to a British Kangaroo Court- Patrick Cullinane

His words: “Please put up a comment in the Nigeria Standard Newspaper, as you are fully aware of the corruption in the United Kingdom (UK) and in particular my case, where I was robbed of my home and possessions without due process in a Kangaroo Court. And I cannot get justice. Britain is now the most corrupt country in the world; therefore, we must expose it at every opportunity we get.

Why has Parliament not REMOVED the 13 corrupt High Court 'Judges', who conspired and perverted the course of justice? The short video below exposes TWO Police Constables abusing Public Office and breaking the law in unison having shown them evidence of a criminal conspiracy against me. In the video, you will see how 13 High Court corrupt 'Judges' ROBBED me of my home and possessions. You will see how these TWO Constables lie through their teeth and tell me that the ROBBERY of my HOME and POSSESSIONS is a CIVIL (sic) matter: -

…Talks to Police Constables outside the Royal Courts of Injustice, London on 4th October 2010.

In another letter to Mr Ruane & Mr Houghton, his correspondence reads “Further to my conversation with Mr Houghton as arranged, I am sending you an example of the correspondence that the ‘Irish’ Post is ignoring and covering-up CRIMES against the migrant Irish on behalf of the corrupt British Authorities.

I have been robbed of my home and my Allotment Plot of over 20-years and the Irish Post only abused me and added to my nightmare when I sought their support.

The ‘Irish’ Post publicly claim to be: “THE VOICE OF THE IRISH IN BRITAIN SINCE 1970”, this is a barefaced FRAUDULENT claim, which you will see when you peruse the attached documents and the chain of correspondence below.

Unfortunately the ‘Irish’ Post has also conned you Mr Ruane into backing them to destroy what is left of the migrant Irish community in the UK. Please see the attached ‘Irish American News – December 2008” document and see how these Gangsters treated a reporter from the Irish American News who was trying to bring my case to them.

When I rang the ‘Irish’ Post on 25 October 2011, to enquire if the management had changed at the ‘Irish’ Post, I was yet again abused by Robert Mulhern who claimed he was in the Newsroom. Something’s never change when you have another agenda.

Am I NOT an Irishman, coming from Ballyorgan, Kilfinane, County Limerick? Therefore, why has the ‘Irish’ Post denied me a VOICE for over 25 years now in Britain?
For decades the ‘Irish’ Post has turned a blind eye to the British Bailiffs’ attacking and ROBBING migrant Irish families without due process in a court of law. Therefore, why does the ‘Irish’ Post want to be in existence when it is an accessory to these crimes against humanity???

In the interest of what is left of Britain’s Irish community, I would be most grateful if you would email the ‘Irish’ Post’s Chief Executive, Niamh Kelly, on: and request an explanation as to why the Irish Post is NOT exposing IRISH CASES like in my case, with reasons.

Kudos to Nigeria Standard

“The press houses are even writing about my case in African newspapers now, but nothing published in the ‘Irish’ Post. What is that telling you? Visit now:

Irish Post in Genocide of Migrant Irish Community

This angry Irishman further explained that “The ‘Irish’ Post have been involved in the Genocide of the migrant Irish community in Britain by covering-up such cases, as I have no wife and family now because I was robed if my home after a-10 year fight since March 30, 1999, yet no justice. How many more case like mine has the
‘Irish’ Post covered-up? I personally know hundreds of these people who are now dead before their time.

As a 24/7 caseworker for the IBRG since 1990, I have copied hundreds of Irish cases into the ‘Irish’ Post, but they are painfully not interested.

My True position on Musas family- Jean James

His words: “I see that someone has sent the newspaper information which has led the Nigeria Standard Newspaper to believe that I am leading the campaign to help the Musas, or perhaps involved. I see my name mentioned in the newspaper article.

This misunderstanding has resulted from my forwarding an email from Bobby Dickson to The Rt. Hon. Henry Bellingham, Minister of State for Africa, to which I added comments about injustice in the UK, and the affect of the Musas’ case on African relations. Unfortunately, the newspaper has erroneously stated that I am leading the campaign to help the Musas.

Would the newspaper please correct this error, as I am not. I am not actually involved in this campaign, although I do agree with it. I have signed the Musa’s petition prepared by Sabine McNeill. I believe it is Butlincat, Sabine, and Maurice Kirk, and Paul Randle-Joliffe, are the main campaigners along with the Musas.

However, when I wrote to the Minister of State for Africa, The Rt. Hon. Henry Bellingham, I used the issue of forced adoptions, such as the Musa case, as an example of crimes that are not being investigated. There are many different crimes that go uninvestigated. They do not all involved children.

I most definitely support the call for an investigation into this case, just as I do support a call for investigation into all white collar crime in the UK, including the forced removal of children from homes in the UK. I have not petitioned anyone about the Musas. I did sign a petition organized by someone else because I believe there are several hundred names on it.

I did REFER to their case in the following email, which has been misquoted by the newspaper, as Albert has said. It was not a petition. I was a reference.

My letter to government was about white collar crime and child trafficking in general. I referred Mr. Bellingham to an article sent to me by Bobby Dickson. I am aware that someone has been removing Bobby Dickson's name and forwarding my email around, which gives the IMPRESSION that I am leading a campaign. Maybe this is what has caused the confusion?

Regardless, I do share the concern of others about forced adoptions and child trafficking in the UK and, although I have never met the Musas, I sympathize with them.

I most definitely would support an INVESTIGATION into the case, but have NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of the case, and am not involved in any Musa Campaign, other than having signed the petition on the GLORIA MUSA website, posted by the publisher.

The article also states that Patrick Cullinane is involved in a Land Registry problem. He is not. He is involved in an Income Tax corruption problem. I included a link to the Guardian Newspaper article in the following email. There are OTHER victims involved in Land Registry fraud. I do hope this information, plus the following information will clear up any misunderstandings. I do sincerely hope that the Musas will get their children back soon, and that there will be an investigation into the case.”

Thumbs up for Nigeria Standard on the Musas case-Sabine

Sabine, a leading campaigner for the Musas in ensuring they get timely justice gave kudos to the Editors and Directors of Nigeria Standard for their consistency in the dilemma of the traumatized Nigerian couple and replied James below (unedited).

In her words: “But the more African news you read, the more you can learn that and how their ability to think laterally is far superior to our Western way of nitpicking and 'knowing more and more about less and less'. I'd rather you forgive them then expect them to act on your request. Nigeria is a colony of the UK. All the UK's "systems" and organizations have been imposed, including the language.

Nigeria’s National Assembly angry on the Musas case

With the widespread condemnation that the alleged torture of the Musas family has attracted, Distinguished Senator David Mark, President of the Nigerian Senate reportedly ordered that its committees on ‘Human Rights/Justice’ expeditiously looked into this matter and report back to the Senate (Nigeria’s upper legislative arm) because the Nigerian Government would not condone any situation where any Nigerian would be denied his fundamental rights as enshrined in Conventions and Charter adopted by both countries on the subject matter.

As at the time of going to press, the matter is still generating a lot of discourse in Nigeria, with millions of Nigerians openly angry with the British Police and their judiciary system.