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Al-Mustapha’s confession:
Tension in Military

Niger indigenes angry with Abdulsalami
National Council of State plans emergency meeting
Security beefed-up around ex-CSO

I’m not sure Al-Mustapha’s confession is true or false- Agbakoba, former NBA President
Let Abubakar, ex-Head of State react- Tsav
Military must’ve assured Yoruba leaders-Pronaco spokeman
Plus untold reaction of Abubakar with Nigeria Standard

National Council of State (NCS) plans emergency meeting

BY SAMSON SHOAGA/Managing Editor

HISTORY is at it again, as the recent revelation by Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the late General Sani Abacha on the mysterious circumstance that led to the alleged murder in detention of Bashorun Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, MKO, the presumed winner of June 12 presidential election, described freest by local and international observers have put the blame at the doorstep of General Abdusalami Abubakar, an erstwhile Head of State. The resonance of the Tsunami confession is gradually leading to build-up of tension in the military.

Nocturnal meetings by Army officers

Nigeria Standard gathered that since Al-Mustapha’s outburst, there had been clandestine-nocturnal meetings by some top military officers, who preferred anonymity on ways to ensure that the image of the Nigerian Army is not further soiled and matters of National Security are not exposed since the after-effect could lead to ‘unimaginable-crisis.”

Investigation by Nigeria Standard showed that the constant ‘secret meetings’ of the military may not be unconnected by frantic moves being made by some ‘well-connected’ politicians close to the corridor of power who are becoming jittery that they may be named as culprits in the alleged murder of Abiola by the embattled former ex-CSO as cross-examination continues.

National Council of State plans emergency meeting

Sources in the Villa told Nigeria Standard that the presidency obviously disturbed by the confession of Al-Mustapha allegedly received an intelligent report that there is need for past heads of state to convene in view of the damage accusation by the ex-CSO may have on the image of Aso Rock, since Abubakar handed over power in 1999 to a democratically elected governance of Olusegun Obasanjo on May 29.

Abubakar Tsav shares similar view

For Dr. Abubakar Tsav, former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, he told Nigeria Standard exclusively on phone that the nation may be heading for another revolution if exhaustive investigation on this high-profile alleged crime is not solved, bearing in mind that Nigerians are interested in the authenticity of Al-Mustapha’s confession. His words: “It is simply because of Al-Mustapha’s position then as CSO to the former Head of State; he knew so much about policy, security and intelligence operations. He may not be lying in this matter. In a case of this high crime profile committed against Abiola, you will discover that nobody will investigate the matter. This is unlike saner climes where government immediately set up an-independent committee of people with integrity who dispassionately uncover the facts behind the matter. Already, you have heard of confession of Olu Falae and other Yoruba elites calling the ex-CSO a liar. Their aim is to bias the mind of the judge in the on-going trial. Let Abdusalami Abubakar react to the weighty allegation. It is only by this we can move forward as a nation.”

Position of former National President of Nigeria Bar Association (NBA)

As a respected senior member of the bar and former president of Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Olisah Agbakoba (SAN) shared his thought on this issue with Nigeria Standard when he said “I would not make any comment categorically because it is a matter in court. It is very dangerous to jump into conclusion. And it is presumptuous for me to comment on this matter which I am not sure Al-Mustapha’s confession is true or false as a former president of the bar.”

Pronaco reacts

The Publicity Secretary of the Pro-National Conference Organisations, Wale Okuniyi in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Standard gave further insight into the intrigues when he explained that “There are tactics and strategies behind every intervention. The way Al-Mustapha presented his case has perception creation. In his statement, he claimed Abiola was murdered on July 7, and Yoruba elders came a day after. Even if the military had revalidated the election, the symbol was already gone, so it had no usefulness, bearing in mind that the struggle took a decade to realize. By the time you kill the symbol, there is no way the vision could be lost on lovers of democracy. In my personal opinion, I strongly feel that what Pa Abraham Adesanya and others may have done then was to make critical demand from the military that may have led to a transitional government. The military must have assured them that they would get a prominent Nigerian to occupy the presidency just to pacify them. But, the military was smarter by releasing Olusegun Obasanjo, a Yoruba man from prison to head the government. As a political scientist/actor in the Nigerian polity, the concession they might have gotten was to pacify the Yoruba race.”

Abdusalami Abubakar…unfriendly reaction on the phone

When Nigeria Standard exclusively called Abubakar on his private MTN mobile phone whose last three digits end with (…890) at about 3:25pm, he requested to know the identity of the caller, after which he said “Kindly call me back.”

As at the time of going to press, attempts made to re-connect with him failed, as his phone rang endlessly without a response.



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